Why You Need an Evaluator?

If you are writing a grant you will most likely need to have a program evaluator on board.  In today's world of increased accountability and evidence-based practices, program evaluation is not only a good idea but one that is required in order to obtain federal or state funding.

Program evaluation plays an important role in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. With most federal and state RFPs now assigning 10 to 30 points to the program evaluation narrative it is unlikely that your project would be funded without having an evaluator on board.

Our goal at Z-Score is to provide you with a quality program evaluation that will make your proposal highly competitive. We will work with you to customize a program evaluation narrative that is aligned to your specific program goals and objectives. 

When writing a grant it is best to bring a program evaluator "on board" as early as possible. Since we have a background in program design (as well as program evaluation) we can often provide guidance in program development. It is important that program activities and program evaluation activities be closely aligned.