Evaluator's Notebook

We recently have added IPads to the Z Score equipment list. We have been using the IPads to help in streamlining data collection efforts in the field. In addition to collecting data, the IPad has helped us during meetings to go instantly to webpages and web-based data the moment we need it. We have found the IPad to be effective in doing this. Prior to using the IPads we found it impossible to get onto the Internet because of firewalls that schools and institutions of higher education have to maintain and for good reason. If you are a program evaluator and are frustrated not being able to access archived emails or websites because of firewalls we recommend making sure you purchase the IPad with 3G. This will allow you to buy pass firewalls and give you easy and instant access to the Internet; however, evaluators don't toss out your laptops just yet! You will need them. The IPad isn't particularly useful in report writing and word processing--something that we evaluators do a lot with. We did, however, write a short evaluation memorandum report that was downloaded into Pages. Moving graphics and photos around in the report was easy. After using the IPads for six months we would not want to give them up. We are always looking for new aps and would like designers to create some for program evaluation data collection and technical report writing. Here is a review that we came across on line. We believe the author gave an accurate "evaluation" of the new IPad.